About Us

SIMCOM offers business and private aviation pilots the best quality simulator training at the best price in the industry, adding Personalized training for Jet and Turboprop aircraft.

You will no more experience big classes with the same scripted information every time. Classes at SIMCOM have a maximum of four pilots, and the information presented is driven by your particular interests and needs. Your classroom instructor also handles your simulator sessions, so there is consistency to your training. We use advanced simulators for training.

Our Jet and Turboprop simulators will feel as familiar to you as your own aircraft because cockpits are configured identically to your aircraft, resulting in a specific training experience patterned after your exact aircraft. Our advanced, wide-screen visual system technology is especially effective for simulating different airport environments and performing circling approaches.

The SIMCOM Business Jet division offers jet training programs at our Paris Training Centers that combines advanced simulation technology with the latest computer animation.

Current programs include the CJ Series, Beech1900D and KA350.

Our Training Center is located at 45 rue des 3 soeurs, 93420 Villepinte. The access to the Center can be done either via the A104 from Paris (exit1 Parc des Expositions), either from Paris or Charles de Gaulle Airport  via the RER B (station Parc des Expositions).