Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SIMCOM by Simulation Training Company raised 2.375.000€ to launch its Operations.


SIMULATION TRAINING COMPANY raised 2.375.000€ to launch its Operations

Paris, March 16 2016 – Simulation Training Company (STC), First European Training Center dedicated to Light and Medium Jet Pilot Training raised 2,375 Millions d’euros with Newfund (French Hedge Fund) and Private Investors, in order to launch its Operations.

In the Aeronautical Sector, heavily regulated and where the Training is the ultimate proof of Quality and Security, STC is opening the first Training Center dedicated for the Light and Meduim Jets using State of the Art and Innovative Simulators as well as Customized Training Program for each Customer.


Building on his parntership with SIMCOM US, one of the World Leaders of the Pilot Training, STC will be the first ATO (Approved Training Organisation) under the new EASA Regulations under the brand:

« SIMCOM AVIATION TRAINING EUROPE by Simulation Training Company »


« We are very happy of the success of this Capital Increase, NewFund investment will accelerate our development and will help us with the Financial Institutions. SIMCOM Trademark is a real push for our reputation and our capability of delivering High Quality Standards. We will offer to the Owner and Corporate Pilots another training solution with High Values using the last generation of Simulators (FNPT2MCC+FTDLevel2) and our Dedicated Program closer to the real Operations of the aircraft not only for the French pilots but for all our European Customers. », said Denis Forestier, President of Simulation Training Company.


STC Ambition is clearly to become the Leader in the Corporate Pilot Training in Europe.