Tuesday, July 4, 2017


SIMCOM AVIATION TRAINING EUROPE operates as an official test centre for Mayflower College in the UK, which is approved to conduct language proficiency testing (FCL055) by the UK CAA.


Mayflower College was founded in 1988 and specialises in the tuition of English to international students. The College has been involved in Aviation English since 1992, providing general and aviation-specific courses to air traffic controllers and pilots and is the founder of the Test of English for Aviation (T.E.A.) that 30,000 pilots and controllers have taken T.E.A. throughout the world.


As the number of planes in our skies continues to grow, so the need for safety is even more important. An ICAO review of 28000 incident/accident reports has found that over 70% of the problems were caused by language. EASA and ICAO standards now demand that all pilots flying internationally and all air traffic controllers providing services to international flights must have a minimum level of English. EASA and ICAO has developed a rating scale, with Level 4 considered the minimum acceptable level (’Operational Level’).


Ben Rimron at Mayflower College says, ‘It’s a requirement for international aviation that proficient speakers are able to communicate effectively in voice-only and face-to-face situations. They must also be able to communicate on common work-related topics with accuracy and clarity. They need to use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages, to recognise and resolve misunderstandings in a general or work-related context. Finally, they must use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community. We are happy that SIMCOM AVIATION TRAINING EUROPE decided to join our fleet of Satellite Centers using their State of the Art new Training Center located near Charles-de-Gaulle.’.


SIMCOM AVIATION TRAINING EUROPE showing its professionalism, has been appointed and is able to operate as an official test centre for Mayflower College in the UK, which is approved to conduct language proficiency testing by the UK CAA.


Denis Forestier, President of SIMCOM AVIATION TRAINING EUROPE says ‘We are delighted that we have fulfilled the exacting standards required by Mayflower College to allow us to become an official test centre – we can now offer tests that meet the requirements for pilots holding EASA and UK licences. This is a prestigious and significant appointment for us.

This test can be done in addition of a Type Rating or Recurrent in our CJ, B200 and B1900D FTD, or for any other pilots while they need to renew their IR.’.


The price for UK-CAA-licensed candidates is currently fixed at €200 (excl. taxes) and the price for all other candidates is currently fixed at €180 (excl. taxes).


For more information, please contact contact@simulation-training.aero