FCL055 - English Language Proficiency Test

It’s a requirement for international aviation that proficient speakers are able to communicate effectively in voice-only and face-to-face situations. They must also be able to communicate on common work-related topics with accuracy and clarity. They need to use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages, to recognise and resolve misunderstandings in a general or work-related context. Finally, they must use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community.

SIMCOM AVIATION TRAINING EUROPE is partnering with Mayflower College to become an official test centre now offer tests that meet the requirements for pilots holding EASA and UK licences. 

This test can be done in addition of a Type Rating or Recurrent in our CJ, B200 and B1900D FTD, or for any other pilots while they need to renew their IR.

The price for UK-CAA-licensed candidates is currently fixed at €200 (excl. taxes) and the price for all other candidates is currently fixed at €180 (excl. taxes).

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